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Common Questions

Every patient is different and there is not a standard fee. Dr. Kemp and Dr. Rice (Orthodontists) will do a thorough comprehensive exam to evaluate on an individual basis to determine the appropriate cost.

At Kemp and Rice Orthodontics, we consider our patients’ and parents’ time very valuable, therefore, we will always be considerate of your time. We always will strive to stay on time. We ask our patients to help us stay on time by arriving to your appointment on time and to please call our office if you have ever have any of your braces broken. Kemp and Rice Orthodontics wants to make sure we can incorporate as much time in the schedule as needed to repair your braces when you come in.

Dr. Kemp and Dr. Rice always wants to use the most efficient and effective technology available. Dr. Kemp uses two areas to reduce patient discomfort. First, he uses a system of braces which gives him the ability to use much lighter forces to Create Beautiful Smiles. Second, Dr. Kemp and Dr. Rice use the most flexible, elastic wires available to move your teeth as quickly as possible with the least amount of discomfort. A little discomfort after adjustments can be reduced by usually taking some Tylenol or Advil.

Orthodontics isn’t only for a beautiful smile. Function is very important as well. A good healthy bite can help prevent other health problems in later years from occurring.

Dr. Kemp and Dr. Rice as the orthodontists will establish at the beginning of treatment an estimate of your treatment time required to correct your malocclusion. This time is determined by the severity of malocclusion. There are variables which can change this time such as required patient responsibilities. Such responsibilities may include wearing elastics, keeping your teeth and braces very clean and making sure you do not break any of your orthodontic appliances. Not keeping up with your responsibilities may extend your treatment time.

You will need to wear them in the evenings. Length of time will be dependent upon your individual treatment and the difficulty in holding the teeth in your corrected position. Your orthodontist, Dr. Kemp or Dr. Rice, will advise you of this specific time.

Yes, there are several different payment options. Kemp and Rice Orthodontics will do everything possible to be able to provide this beneficial treatment to you and your family by being very creative.

Yes. At Kemp and Rice Orthodontics we ask our patients to continue seeing your dentist for your routine cleanings. Kemp and Rice Orthodontics wants to make sure you are able to keep your teeth sparkling clean during your treatment. At your dentist they will take x-rays that can detect areas of concerns before they are noticed.

Orthodontic treatment can be anywhere from 12-30 months, depending on the difficulty and amount of treatment needed. One of Kemp and Rice Orthodontics’ main goals is to give you the most Beautiful Smile in the shortest time possible.

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