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How Much Does Invisalign Cost?
If you’re thinking about having your teeth straightened using the Invisalign® system, you’re probably wondered about the cost. Keep reading for more info!



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How Much Does Invisalign ® Cost?

When it comes to Invisalign care — and really any type of orthodontic treatment — how much it’s all going to cost is one of the most common questions we get from our patients. Most of us like to be able to anticipate healthcare costs so we can make sure those costs will fit into our budgets. Of course, if you have a medical emergency, there’s no way to really plan those expenses; but when you’re considering an elective or planned treatment like Invisalign, you have the benefit of knowing what costs to expect ahead of time so you can budget for them.

The Cost Breakdown

The problem with Invisalign is, until you’re examined, there’s no way to give a precise amount for the treatment you’re going to receive. That’s why we offer free new patient examinations so we can give you your own best treatment plan. The best estimate, without being evaluated at our Franklin, Brentwood, or Spring Hill office first, is between $3,500 and $6,000, depending on the issues you’re having treated and other factors. That might sound costly, and Invisalign does cost a bit more (although not much more) than traditional braces. However, at Kemp & Rice Orthodontics, we offer our patients two choices for Aligner Therapy: both Invisalign and our own custom aligner therapy we call K-Aligners. Both Invisalign and K-Aligners come with a lot of advantages.

Invisalign & K-Aligners

First, both Invisalign and the K-Aligner systems are very discreet. The clear design of the aligner trays means that while you’re wearing the aligners, they’re virtually invisible, and it can be really difficult for anyone to know you’ve got them on. As a result, wearing either Invisalign aligners or K-Aligners won’t make you feel self-conscious like you might feel if wearing brackets and wires. That’s important at any age, but especially if you’re older and out in the working world.

Second, both Invisalign and K-Aligners are created using special, patented materials that help move your teeth into alignment as quickly as wearing braces. And of course, since the aligners are removable, you can eat what you want and there’s no hassle when it comes to brushing and flossing.

The other big benefit of wearing aligners trays like Invisalign or K-Aligners is their smooth contours. With Invisalign aligners or our custom K-Aligners, these special designs mean the aligners hug your teeth, so they’re really comfortable to wear, even during sleep. Plus, with the aligner system, when it’s time for an adjustment, you just swap out your current aligners for the next ones in the sequence.

Of course, in the end, only you can decide if the benefits of Invisalign treatment or our customized K-Aligners are worth a little extra expense. For what it’s worth, patients treated with both our K-Aligners and Invisalign have extremely high levels of satisfaction, both with their results and with the treatment process itself. Considering your treatment is an investment in your future, it’s worth spending a little more to get the results you want. Plus, because both K-Aligners and Invisalign are so popular, safe, and effective, some insurance plans now cover at least part of the cost of treatment, and if you have a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA), Invisalign and K-Aligners are almost always a covered expense, which means you can spend tax-free dollars on your treatment for even more savings. Finally, if you need a little more flexibility in your budget, our offices in Franklin, Brentwood, and Spring Hill can help you set up a payment plan to spread out the cost of your K-Aligner or Invisalign treatment, so you can plan your budget ahead of time.

Remember: Orthodontic treatment isn’t just about having a beautiful, confident smile. Straighter teeth are also easier to clean and care for, which means your treatment can help improve your overall oral health, too. Considering you’re only going to have one set of natural adult teeth, by spending a little more now, you can enjoy the benefits of your treatment for years and years to come. Contact our offices in FranklinBrentwood, or Spring Hill, TN for more information about Invisalign and K-Aligners!

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