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In 2021, Dr. Kemp and Dr. Rice have taken the next step forward in aligner therapy to create custom aligner therapy treatment plans and aligners for their patients.



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K-Aligners Therapy

Since 1997, Dr. Kemp has offered aligner tray therapy as one of the orthodontic treatment options at Kemp and Rice Orthodontics. Now, in 2021, Dr. Kemp and Dr. Rice have taken the next step forward in aligner therapy to create custom aligner therapy treatment plans and aligners for their patients. At Kemp and Rice Orthodontics, our custom aligners are made in our office using the latest technology and materials specifically to meet the individual treatment requirements of each individual patient. These aligners, known as K-Aligners, are available for both teens and adults. If you’re interested our own custom-made K-Aligners to help your smile achieve all the benefits of straighter, healthier-looking teeth, here’s what you should know about K-Aligner treatment.

How Do K-Aligners Work?

K-Aligners use a series of custom-made aligner trays that are designed to move your teeth into proper alignment. These aligner trays look a bit like whitening trays, but they are made from a special material that fits the contours of your teeth much more closely. Most patients will wear between 40 and 50 upper and lower sets of aligners during their treatment, and each set is shaped slightly differently. You’ll wear a set of aligner trays for one to two weeks, and then replace that set with the next set in the series to keep your teeth moving in the right directions. Of course, the treatment for all our patients is unique and special for each patient, so your treatment may take a little longer or even a little shorter time depending on your individual needs.

What Material Makes K-Aligners So Special?

K-Aligners are made from the company that created the first generation of aligner material, Zendura Dental. There are many unique performance features of the Zendura FLX material we use for our K-Aligners:

  1. Provides our patients with both greater initial comfort as ongoing force retention superior to other clear aligner materials.

  2. A unique quality on how the material works: The secret is the elastomeric layer encased in a dual-shell construction. Gentle pressure produced by the unique dual-shell construction accurately moves teeth reliably over the prescribed period of time. Highly conformed inner shell grips teeth evenly reducing discomfort and increasing accuracy of tooth movement. Our patients have told us they are barely aware they are wearing aligners.

Zendura FLX aligner material appears to be light years ahead of the competition. Not only is the material best-of-class in clarity and stain resistance—you just cannot see it—the material’s physical properties seem to be significantly more comfortable, gentle to wear, and durable.

What Happens During K-Aligner Treatment?

Your treatment begins by taking photographs, X-rays, and digital scans to create 3D images of your teeth in either our FranklinBrentwood, or Spring Hill office. If you decide our custom K-Aligner therapy is right for you, all your aligners will be made in one our offices using our state-of-the-art 3D printers under the direct supervision of Dr. Kemp and Dr. Rice. During your treatment, you’ll wear your aligners for about 22 hours each day. You will visit our office about once every month or so to make sure your treatment is progressing well.

Are K-Aligners A Better Treatment Option Than Braces?

Many of our new patients come for their initial exam because they think their preferred treatment option is our special K-Aligners over our virtually invisible ceramic braces. Some of their reasons for the interest in K-Aligners include the observation that K-Aligners are virtually invisible. The snug, custom fit enhances the discreet design. K-Aligners, just like our beautiful aesthetic braces, are almost impossible to detect unless someone is staring directly at your teeth. Thanks to the use of Zendura FLX material, K-Aligners are very comfortable. K-Aligners are clear and super smooth, which means the aligners are extremely comfortable. While wearing K-Aligners, you eat what you want. You’ll take your aligners off for meals and snacks, so you can eat all the foods you love.

What Orthodontic Treatment Needs Can Use K-Aligners?

Advances in the design and creation of clear aligners mean that K-Aligner therapy can be used to treat many orthodontic problems, including overbites, crossbites, underbites, crooked teeth, and spacing issues like gaps between teeth. Our custom K-Aligners offers a special system just for teens to accommodate teeth that haven’t erupted yet.

Are K-Aligners Right For Me?

Our custom K-Aligner treatment program can be a great choice for adults and teens who want to straighten their teeth but who are not ready to commit to braces. As a leading orthodontic practice in Brentwood, Franklin, and Spring Hill, Kemp & Rice Orthodontics is dedicated to helping patients get the best orthodontic care based on their needs and their treatment goals. To learn more about our custom K-Aligner treatment, give us a call and schedule a consultation today.

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