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K-Aligner Care
Tips for properly caring for and maintaining your K-Aligners!



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K-Aligner Care

Dr. Kemp and Dr. Rice are now excited to offer even more aligner therapy options to their patients by presenting custom in-office created K-Aligners to create more beautiful smiles. Our team members are eager to help you achieve a beautiful smile. Each K-Aligner treatment plan is customized by Dr. Kemp and Dr. Rice and fabricated in our office using state of the art 3D printing technology. We are delighted to offer this newest orthodontic treatment option to our patients! Whether you choose our specially designed K-Aligners or the more traditional Invisalign therapy, you need to follow special instructions for the care of your teeth and aligners. Please review the following aligner recommendations to ensure a healthy smile and a great orthodontic result.

Do's & Dont's

Since Invisalign’s aligners as well as K-Aligners are each made of proprietary plastic materials, they’re easy to keep clean. You don’t need any special tools — just a little time and some common sense.

• DO remove aligners each morning and clean your aligners thoroughly. You should clean your aligners each morning and again each night to prevent a buildup of bacteria or calcium. Aligners can be cleaned by mixing equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and water in a cup and using a brush to remove any buildup. We recommend that you do NOT use toothpaste to clean your aligners because it can discolor the aligners. We DO recommend using toothpaste to clean your teeth.

• DO brush and floss your teeth each morning and night before putting aligner trays back into your mouth. You need to keep your teeth and gums clean for your best oral health and orthodontic treatment results. Otherwise, you could develop dental health problems during or after treatment. Always brush and floss your teeth before placing aligners back into your mouth unless it is truly impossible, especially after eating and/or drinking. Aligners should be rinsed with water each time they are removed from the mouth.

• DO wear your aligner trays approximately 22 hours per day. Dr. Kemp and Dr. Rice have programmed your aligner therapy for a specific treatment plan that requires continuous pressure on the teeth. Please wear your aligners as much as possible when not eating or drinking. Your best orthodontic treatment results cannot be achieved if the aligners are not worn as prescribed.

• DO keep your aligner trays in their special storage case when they are not in your mouth. It is important to keep your aligners properly stored in their case and kept in a safe place during those brief times they are not in your mouth. Many aligners have been destroyed by pets or tossed into the garbage. Be careful to avoid exposing your aligners to heat as they will melt. Please be careful with your aligners.

• DON’T eat or drink with your aligner trays in your mouth. You are able to drink water while your aligners are in your mouth. However, you must remove your aligners to consume any other food and drink. Otherwise, food particles, bacteria, acids, or sugars could be trapped against your teeth inside the aligners and result in damage to your teeth. Keep your teeth and aligners clean! Thank you for following these guidelines to ensure a beautiful healthy smile! Please contact Dr. Kemp, Dr. Rice, or a team member if you have any questions regarding your aligners.

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